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John Minasian,                 Camarillo,CA           


Attached are the pictures  not in any sequence, but you can get an idea how things happen. In one of the pictures I am using a "Tooling Ball" to find the location of the Valves since it was hard for me to know the exact location without some help. The rest are self explanatory. 

I am fortunate to have "SolidWorks "CAD software, which helps in the layout to get answers for any part of the drawing that I may have.

Robert Sigler did a wonderful job in making the drawings and are easy to follow.

 I have asked a friend who has access to a CNC machine to make me the Cam. It would take me a long time to do it manually on the mill with a rotary table.

 From past experience, I have learned to get the accuracy right from the start,( Have made many scrap parts) that makes life easier later on.


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