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John Minasian,                 Camarillo,CA           

Anzani Engine  

I bought the castings from Les Chenery of England. He may still have the castings available.
3 Cylinder Radial Engine 30 HP 1/4 Scale.
Bore 1" Stroke 1 1/4" Firing Order 1.3.2. 48 cc.,  Propeller 20" Dia.,  Rotation Anti-Clockwise.
I made all of the Gears for it with the help of SIC articles from the archives, which helped very much, also made the small Dia. Springs for the Valves, since I used to make Models for a Medical Co. luckily I have the tools I need.

4/24/2007  I just wanted to let you and the readers know that I have completed my engine (Pictures Attached). I am trying to run one cylinder at a time to see if there is enough compression. So far I have been having trouble with the Fuel Supply. It seems it drips out of the carburetor if the needle is open more that 1 1/2 turns. Will keep tweaking it until I get to run reasonably well.



12/19/2006    This is the Anzani Engine that I have been working on for sometime.  I am in the process of making the engine functional (Compression, Valves, Timing, Engine Mount Etc.).





I bought the plans several years ago and didn't get a chance to work on it continually till I retired, and now I am trying to finish it.


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