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Chuck Fellows,     Cave Creek, AZ

Ritter Dental Air Compressor to  Engine Project                12/8/2006

Attached are a couple of pictures of an engine I currently have under construction. As a base, I started with an antique Ritter Dental Air Compressor. The compressor has a bore of 1.25" and a stroke of about 1.5". There are two cylinders and the crank throws are 180 degrees apart.


I'm converting the compressor to a 4 stroke, two cylinder internal combustion engine. I've already added timing gears and a camshaft. The exhaust valves will be cam operated and the intake valves will be vacuume operated. The 180 degree crank throws will give the engine a syncopated exhaust like the old two cylinder John Deeres.

In the current state of construction, I'm building the manifold / valve assembly that can be seen on the back of the engine near the top, above the camshaft assembly. The exhaust valves will be housed in the brass fittings on the bottom of the manifold and the intake valves will be in the brass fittings on the top of the manifold. The spark plugs will screw into the back of the manifold between the two valve assemblies.

I plan to use a single, cast iron flywheel that is 8" in diameter and weighs about 5 pounds. It will be mounted on the longer shaft opposite the timing gears. I plan to make my own carburetor based on plans of the open column six designed by Randall Cax and featured in Model Engines Magazine.

More to come...



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