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Chuck Rhoades,                 Hernando, Mississippi           



Here is a video of the engine running     (Windows media file). 


The engines first assembly. Surprisingly it did not bind at all.

With the flywheel on and it still moves freely.

A view from the front. The plans call for an electric coolant pump but we can't have that. I am going to try and come up with one driven off the camshaft .


My Dad helped me build the box. My thanks to him.


11/15/2006    I got the latest issue of Home Shop Machinist and saw the cover engine and knew I had to build it so I started it this weekend. Since the plans will be issued over the next six issues of the magazine this will be a long build. I will post more pictures as I am building the engine.

The two cylinders silver soldered together

The fixture to hold the cylinders to turn the O.D. still needs to be slotted. I used a tapered pipe plug in the end to expand it.

the bores still need honing. 1.06" bore



The cylinders and uprights are finished. I filled the cylinders with water to check for leaks. No problem.


Facing the cylinder to length.


Turning the valve cages.


Counter boring the valve stem keepers.


The 4 round parts stacked are the combustion chambers. The tapered part is the crosshead. the other two parts are the cylinder connector and the front guard. I still have to drill over 260 holes just in these parts.



The main bearing blocks are installed and the block is bored for the cylinder. The cylinder is bored and waiting to turn the O.D. It takes A while to fixture all this and get everything square but it has to be right. It used the limits of my mill to do it.

The oilers are 1" dia. I will use acrylic for the glass. Don't know if it will yellow or how long it will take but I guess I'll find out.



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