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Jaime Quevedo         Burlingame, CA          6/11/2006

Sealion designed by Edgar T Wesbury. engine is a 30 cc engine with four cylinders, overhead valves four stroke.





I took me almost a year to complete, based on the original design and using castings from Precision Working models in the UK.

Major differences from original design are:

Camshaft rotation switched to have CW rotation at the flywheel end, this created unexpected (unplanned) issues with the rotation of oil and water pumps.

Cam followers were made with rotating disks in an attempt to reduce wear and lateral forces on the valves.

Ignition system, here is where fun started, tried kettering with contact points, moved to hall effect and then gave up and moved to glow plugs. This allowed me to work out the gremlins and changed carburetor for an OS one.

Now that gremlins are under control, I have been able to replace glow plugs for a CDI system from CH models, using Dale Detrich plugs and a new distributor cap ( home made). Now the engine is running like a charm and is a pleasure to run.

Now we move to the construction of a new box, with all support systems inside. Accelerator cable for throttle control and new hoses.

date of first run was sometime last year 2005 ( around June).





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