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Ron Colonna         McKeesport, PA           11/28/2005

Panhead Harley,   four cycle, two cylinder, with a 1 5/16" bore and a 1 1/2" stroke

I started building this engine last Fall. I built it using a drawing of a Knucklehead engine that I bought on e-bay. The Knucklehead and Panhead are about the same on the bottom end. The top end was modeled from photos of parts for sale on e-bay. The drawing was 80 % of full size and I built my engine to half the drawing size, so it's an odd 2/5ths scale. It's four cycle, two cylinder, with a 1 5/16" bore and a 1 1/2" stroke. It was first run last month but has had it's shakedown run as finished, today, November 28, 05. I did some drawings but none are complete enough to share right now. No castings are used and the engine follows the prototype pretty much faithfully. I substituted a Hall effect pickup with two magnets for ignition rather than use points. These are contained in the timer where the original's points are located. The oil system is slightly simplified, but I am using a dry sump with twin pumps and the top end oil flow controlled with a bypass valve. Oil returns to the case through the pushrod covers. The engine starts easily and sounds about the way it should. I expected to have it finished this past Spring, but I got caught up doing some river fishing and couldn't get back to it till the weather got cold. Hope to have it at Cabin Fever this winter.


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