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Nico de Klerk                Cape Town Rep. of South Africa                     9/16/2005  

3 Cylinder Internal Combustion

Here are some pictures of my latest, rather optimistic project - a three cylinder in-line four stroke glow ignition engine of some 30cc capacity. The engine started out as a collection of rectangular shaped blocks of 6061 alloy and lots of ideas. I have no drawings, other than a few rough working sketches which served me OK in building this project which I call the Alpha-III. It sounds rather mystical and perhaps even look that way, with most of the working parts concealed. The bore is 24mm and the stroke 22mm. It has three rings per piston and the compression is good. The crank throws are spaced at 120 degrees and the firing order is 1-2-3. The engine was designed to be a multi-purpose one, suitably light to use for model aircraft and convertible (in the constructing process) to water cooled or spark ignition. Fitted with a flywheel it will serve OK on the water. All up weight as it is now is 2,8kgs. The timing gear cover still has to be made and the carburetor fitted. The latter fits on the underside of the two-piece manifold which incorporates the intake and exhaust parts. Also need to make a crank case vent somewhere... I have attached a few pictures of the parts in the making. Of course there is still quite a bit of work left before the beast will hopefully run.




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