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Jaime Quevedo         Burlingame, CA          5/22/2005

Silver Bullet      2 Cylinder, 4 cycle, 3/4 bore X 3/4 stroke,  the first pop of this engine was on 03/2005



The Engine is a Silver Bullet, built from castings and design by Bob Shores.
Two cylinder, four stroke, waste fire cycle ignition with splash lubrication, overhead valves.

Carburation has been finicky so I decided to replace self compensating carburetor with an OS carburetor and installed a remote needle for fine tuning which was modified for regular gasoline.

Most of the engine was kept according to design, however there are some exceptions, water pump, due to lack of Bob's design pages, I made one of my own creation which works OK.
Ignition, after too many frustrating hours with Contact points and Kettering ignition systems decided to replace this with a CDI ( Capacitive Discharge ignition) driven by one magnet in the crankshaft end, bigger flywheel to allow engine to run at slower speed and make it more attractive ( at least to me).

Interesting to build, easy and forgiving, nice and pleasing sound,  as all things we build there is a bunch of things we can always improve.


Bob Shores sells plans for this engine at .


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