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Peewee V-4,     4 Cylinder, 4 cycle

The last engine designed and built by Bob Shores.   Click here to go Bob's page for this engine.


Here is some additional information on the Peewee V-4 engine designed by Bob Shores. 


The Casting Kit for the Peewee V-4 includes 6 castings, (1) Crank Case, (1) Oil Pan, (1) Bell Housing, (1) Main Bearing Support, and (2) Cylinder Heads.  These castings are made from Alloy 356 Aluminum, and Heat Treated to a -T6 Specification.


The Drawing Package includes (21) pages of 11" x 17" plans, (1) full size Cam Cat Template, and (11) pages devoted to the Cam Cat that was designed by Bob Shores and printed in SIC Magazine in the August / September 2000 issue, and a Cam Grinding Machine that was shown at NAMES, and designed by Jerry Kieffer.
The single template page for the Cam Cat is full size, and should be used "as is" for the Cam Cat disk.  There are (2) templates shown.  The difference between them is one is a mirror image of the other, and is intended to be used if the Cam Cat Disk is toward the Tail Stock.  Be very careful in which one you choose to use.  There are also (2) cam lobe details, that could be used to make the "Master Cam Patterns" for use on a cam grinding machine.
I have also includes a CD that has several tid bits of information, and lots of pictures that Bob Shores and I made, when Bob was building the very first V-4 engine.
I would like to take a few moments and shed a little light on the name changes for these engines.  Originally, Bob Shores chose the name "Pacifier" for the V-4.  While building the original engine, which had a 5/8" bore and stroke, Bob changed the design, and opted to make a larger 3/4" bore and stroke version.  He felt that the larger size would be easier for a person to make.  The "Pacifier" name shall stay with this 3/4" size bore and stroke engine.  
As time went by, and Bob got the news that his Cancer was no longer in remission, he made several decisions as to how his engine designs should be preserved for the future builders.  His family would continue to offer the plan sets for several of his engines, and casting sets for the Hercules, Silver Bullet, and both Eagle engines.  Bob and I talked at length about the V-4 project.  We decided to change the name of the 5/8" bore and stroke version to "Peewee V-4", in honor of his wife, Margaret Shores nick name that most people call her by.  Bob and Margaret also decided that I should continue with the V-4 project, and make the Casting Kit available for other builders.  The project was not quite complete, and required some improvements and corrections to the drawings.  This Casting Kit is the result of those changes.
The other version, the 3/4" bore and stroke engine was never cast or built by Bob.  He only completed the Match Plate and Core Boxes to make the castings from, but the drawings were never completed.  Of the actual 16 pages of drawings, there are only 4 devoted to this engine.  His fight with Cancer did not allow him to complete the project.  He and Margaret also decided that the BEAM Club, in California would receive this part of the V-4 project.  Bob sent the Match Plate and Core Boxes to Ken Hurst.  Ken has now sent them to me, and I will have several sets of castings made to prove the design, and complete the drawings.  I will also make the patterns for the Cylinder Heads for this engine.  I feel that it will be several months before this part of the V-4 project is completed.
While in Florida just after Bob had passed away, Margaret Shores decided that I should take the Radiators over, as she had no idea of how Bob had made these kits.  I have under taken this task, and am very close to having these items ready to market.
This is the story to date, May 2005.  If I may be of assistance in answering any questions, please feel free to contact me. 



The first run of castings will be 12 sets.  I will almost immediately place another order with the foundry for 12 more, so there will be plenty of casting kits.

I would prefer to sell the castings and plans as a single package.  The engine requires the castings to build it, but I guess one could hog the engine from a solid.
The castings for the Peewee engine were proven by Bob Shores himself.  This was the last engine he built in the year and a half prior to his passing.  His engine ran, and is now placed away for safe keeping by his family.
Now we need to talk about other items. 
I plan on using the US Mail for shipments.  It is my understanding that they have a package price of $7.50 for any weight, to any US address, as long as it fits in the box. This is the most cost effective delivery I have found.
Now to the cost of the Casting Sets.  I am asking for $155.00, plus shipping for the package for anyone who is not a member of the BAEM Club.  However, if you are a dew's paying member, I agreed to give them a discount of $15.00.  This was done because Bob Shores was a member of that club.  So if you are a member, then the cost is $140.00, plus shipping.
As to method of payment, I will accept a Check, or PayPal.
I am quite sure that you are aware that this engine is water cooled, and requires a Radiator.  Bob's wife, Margaret, gave me his tooling to make the required parts for the Radiator kits.  I have all the required materials to make the kits on hand.  However. I have made a real big error.  Long story, short, being a Machinist, I figured that I could improve on the tooling, and clean up the press.  Well, all was great, until I removed the die from the press, and when I replaced it, I did not get it aligned correctly, and ruined the punch.  I have made the required new punch, and it is being heat treated and ground at a friends Tool and Die machine shop in Dallas.  When I get it back, I hope to be more careful this time.  I hope to be making Radiator Kits soon.  They will be $50.00, plus shipping of around $3.50.


Thank you,
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