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Brian Konsela                     Manitowoc, WI       

9 Cylinder Hodgson Radial Engine,  1.00 bore X 1.125 stroke 

11/21/2004   This is a picture of the crankshaft roughed out. The shaft itself has to be O.D. ground and then finished to the crank cheeks. The crank cheeks were ground flat to size, I then doweled holes on the 2 halves to keep them as mirrored images of each other. Then the relief was ground on them. The 2 halves were then cut out on a WEDM machine.That way I didn't need a square broach for the hole in the halves.
Here's a picture of the radial crank shaft preliminary machining. The shaft is turned and O.D. ground to keep the diameters concetric. Then I ground the square sections while it was still in once piece. Next I cut it into 2 pieces and put the 2 halves on the crank cheeks to see if they would would fit together properly. So far so good!
 Next I have to cut all of the shoulders to size and make the lengths to print.
  I have a spare shaft to make sure that I can cut the gear correctly. I have never cut a gear before, so this is virgin territory for me. 


2/5/2005    Here's the radial crank with the fixture to hold it temporarily. When the crank is put between centers with an indicator on it, it has .0015 TIR next to the crank cheek. When it's finished it should have no more than .0005 runout.



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