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Jerry Howell         Colorado Springs, CO       


This is a sneak preview of the "Howell V-4" 4-cycle gas engine that has been in the design phase off and on for the past 10 months. This is a logical progression from my V-Twin engine.
The V-4 is water cooled as I have visions of a radio control PT Boat one day.  Zoom......



The V-4 block was a 6 pound cube earlier, now it is down to 2-1/2 pounds.
It will loose a lot more before it is finished.




The red Dykem in the head flutes is just temporary to see how it will look when painted.


It has been awhile, so here is an update on the V-4. I have been so busy with shows, etc. that not much has been getting done. I expect to really get a lot done as soon as I get back from the Cabin Fever show!


Fan shaft, Fan, Oil Pump, Oil Galley, Air Cleaner and PVC Valve installed.



Link to the complete engine


Jerry sells plans and hard to find parts for a number of different stirling cycle engines and internal combustion engines from the simple to complex .


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