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Dale Detrich                     Attica, OH       

Two Cylinder Horizontally Opposed Engine Details,  .75 bore X .75 stroke  2/8/2004

   I am working on a "proof" engine , using a set of drawings that I made up for the two cylinder horz. opposed engine...I have a bunch of pictures that I am going to make up a CD   for that engine....The engine should be up and running soon.

The construction detail photos can be seen by clicking here.


I have just  finished the new plans for the .750 bore X .750 stroke, twin carb. ,and twin cam horz. twin.....The twin cylinder engine is built of all bar stock (no castings ).....The plan set  will be (1) 8 X 10 color picture, (2) pages of drawing index, (3) pages of material by drawing number, (5) pages of machining tips by drawing number, (4) pages of engine assembly, (34) pages of dimensioned drawings, and a 650 large file pictures CD. With over 500 of the pictures having notes of interest....

.I must tell you about the start up of the twin...I had everything ready to go ,oil gas , and I turned the ignition on and bumped the engine with my starting motor,it did not turn over two times and it was setting there running at a fast idle, and it kept on running until I shut it down..I bumped it again and it took off again...I ran it and set the carbs for a better idle and set the linkage to allow the engine to go to a slower idle and for once in my life I had a "dream start up"... One cylinder is spitting some oil so I am going to take the cylinder off and check the rings on that side.. The other side is running super clean, so it must be the rings... I made 16 rings while I made them , so I have a few spares to go.... I am going to ask $40.00 for the plans , CD, and shipping (in the US)... I think that I have more detail in this engine than the four cylinder plan set ..Dale Detrich ...108 Chestnut Drive ...Attica ,Ohio...44807.....(419)-426-5142.....Email or  ....Please visit my web site (new) at      



More photos 11/3/2008


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