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Todd Snouffer              Hagerstown, MD                    7/21/2003

The LME-370 "Pip" engine project is a 3-cylinder, four-stroke-cycle, glow ignition model airplane engine of 0.70 cubic inches (11.3cc).  It is loosely based on the Morton M5 in that it has crankcase induction and that its cam started out as a pair of lobes serving all six valves.  This was later changed to two, two-lobe cams.  A unique feature is that there is no separate camshaft and that the timing is through a 4:1 planetary gear set.  There is also an integral diffuser to keep things moving under pressure.


Action shots of machining processes in the shop are posted at


I have been pushing (too hard) to complete the Pip Engine Project.  It looks like it will be incomplete for the Iron Fever show 2003, so I will be displaying it as a shell with all the inner workings splayed out for all to see.  I have backed off and hope to have it completed and proven out by the Cabin Fever show in January 2004.


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