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Ken Hurst         Napa, CA    

OHV Challenger Block 103CC using Roger Butzen conversion plans, from that I have developed casting of the blower and the heads, valve covers.  the cam is 280 Duration and .105 lift ,lob split 114 deg. .the crank is a one piece 4340 , I machined it to a 90 deg. index and I'm using mike Neal's hall effect system , and firing it using a crank trigger . plug wire are made by mike too. oil pump is a gear drive and I use the stock challenger water pump to keep the engines cool. the blower puts out 6 PSI boost and makes the engine rev very quick . I run them on 114 octane racing gas with lead.  took me 13 months to build 3 engines with the help of my good friend Dwight Giles & body..  

Click here for a short video of the engine running.


More details about the engine and a video of it running can be found at .



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