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Mac McLean             Oxfordshire England                    1/26/2003

2 Cylinder, 4 cycle, .75 bore X 1.00 stroke, Spark ignition

The engine is an own design vertical twin "A" frame type, 4 cycle 3/4 bore 1 inch stroke automatic inlet cam operated exhaust ,electronic ignition twin coils both plugs spark each rev, cooling by water and electric motor driven fan. First run in October 02 has now run for about 12 hours 3hours continually. Fuel unleaded pump gas with two cycle oil at 300 to 1 mix for cylinder lubrication.

The big "A" frame type marine diesels were usually 4 cylinders with a flywheel of at least 6 feet in diameter "A" frame so called because the frame supporting the cylinders from the base was shaped like an "A". manufactured in the 1920s I remember seeing 4 of them in use at a power station in 1942 when I was 12 years old , my Father was Chief Engineer there.





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