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Terry Turner         Brampton, England         3/25/2003

2 Cylinder, 4 cycle, 3/4 bore X 5/8 stroke, Glow ignition

the engine was built using plans only without building instructions and it was my first ever engineering project.  I took up miniature engineering as a hobby at the age of 50.
The engine is a 9cc  V twin aero engine, 4 stroke, glow plug ignition, which has splash lubrication of a ball bearing at the rear of the crankshaft and a plain bronze bearing at the front.

"Ready to Burn and Turn". It is the culmination of three years work.  3/25/2003

It is made entirely from bar stock and the only items I have not made myself are the valve springs, bolts, nuts and glow plugs.
I hope to try and start the engine soon. If it fires I shall be pleased, if it runs I shall be delighted, if it does neither , I shall drink the celebratory champagne and section the engine to show school kids how a 4 stroke engine works ?



1/12/2003    The two conrods share one big end and there is a counter balanced lobe on the crankshaft.
As you will see from the e-mail I previously posted, each piston has two piston rings in one piston groove and althought the drawings appeared to require a piston ring end gap of .110" I now know that it was wrong to make them that way because I had miss understood the plans and the .110" is in fact the gap they should be held at whilst heat treating them.
Construction of the engine posed a number of problems for a beginner such as me, not least the use of a parting tool to cut the fins in the steel cylinder, the accurate machining of the camshaft gear case with its numerous shaft holes and the need to ensure the gears meshed correctly.

More picture to follow



4/6/2003  More images




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