Bruce Harr         Kingsport, TN       

Bruce has been building this Hercules using Bob Shores plans and castings.  Bruce has been providing these pictures that also appear in an extra specifications page for the Hercules engine.

Cam and Crank shafts in block (1/3/2002)

Better view of crank shaft (1/3/2002)

Timing gears (1/5/2002)

Points (1/5/2002)

Block and oil pan before points were added (1/5/2002)

Block with rear bell added (1/5/2002)

Timing Adjustment lever (1/11/2002)

Front timing gear cover (1/11/2002)

Top (6/17/2002)

Side and mounting Base (6/17/2002)

Pistons (8/27/2002)

Almost 100% (8/27/2002)

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