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Dale Detrich                     Attica, OH       

My four cylinder horizontally opposed air cooled engine. The engine is a .625 bore by .625 stroke, oil splash lube, full 12v. points/coil ignition, runs on pump gas, with a fan wheel for cooling.   The engine is scratch built , I started with a picture of a VW crank and made a small copy, and went from there.  The dimensions are 3.250 high x 6.500 long x 6.500 wide. The box is 4.000 high x 9.500 wide x 12.000 long , just to give you some idea of size.  Dale Detrich   To view some extra pictures of the engine and parts please click here.

The plans have 44 ( 8 x 10 ) pages of dimensioned drawings --2 pages of drawing index - 2 + pages of material by drawing number + 3 pages of machining tips + aprox. 3 to4 pages of assembly tips + 2   8 x10 pix. one of assembled engine and one of engine parts.  If interested e-mail


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