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Dale Detrich                     Attica, OH       

the twin cyl. horz. opposed o.h.v. engine was my first attempt to scratch build a i.c.engine  .the engine was done in bright brass to provide a nice looking engine . the engine was built in about four months time, with some long days included. it was fun to build , presenting some new challenges. building the twin carbs. modeled after model airplane carbs., making and setting up the twin cams.  the engine was started up without too much trouble, and runs well. alternate firing cyl. gives a nice exhaust sound.   all in all it was a fun project.
bore ......... .750"         stroke............ .750"       o.h.v........ 4 cycle         twin cams        twin carbs         lube .........wet sump/splash         ignition..........12 volt-single points -twin coils-wasted spark /adjustable timing           screw in removable cylinder            all bar stock construction


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