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Denis Martineau,    Quebec City Canada       11/22/2007

David Kerzel Horizontal Hit & miss

I got these plans a long time ago, from this site. I found them to e very well drawn and the nicest part of it is that it was all made

from bar stock.

I started out by making the flywheels. These were a lot of work since I could not find round bar that big to start with and had

to cut them from plate. That was a lot of sawing time.

Milling the opening of the flywheel.

A lot of calculation at first but a nice and easy routine once figured out!

The final result.

The base.  Since I did not have what's needed to turn the large diameter, I milled it out with a ball end and then ... sanded, sanded and sanded.

Now is time for some more complex parts. The spark plug insulator is Corian, a real pain to drill.

Let's have some fun with the main body.

So far so good.

I have not decided yet if I will next move on with the crankshaft so that I can assemble the flywheels or work on the valve train!

With Christmas coming soon, I will have to step out of the shop and do some shopping. That's is good to refill the "Air Loose " account.

NOTE: for those who do not know what Air Loose are, these are like frequent flyers point but with your wife. You give a lot of time to get a few points

and consume them when spending time in the shop :)