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John Pike     Marysville WA      4/24/2005

Elgin-Iron,   1 Cylinder, 4 cycle, Hit and Miss

its from Philp Duclos, book, "shop wisdom"

ive changed a few things,,,as the top of the tank, with a brass ring,   there will also be a brass ring on the piston sleve,,,im waiting for the cast-iron to get here, ive yet to bore the spokes in the wheels,,,awaiting my rotary table,,,, ive also split the bearings for the crank-shaft,  ive milled a grove around the base-plate,

lots yet to do, the "tank" is going to get some more milling-fancy-work around it, and "Elgin-Iron", stamped on it, (family name), long line of machinests,,,i never was a machinest,,was a carpenter,,, whats a decimal??? give me a hammer,,,,grin,,,,lots to learn,,,

lots more to do, but getting there,,and haveing fun, eventualy i want to do it over again only double or tripple the size, and run a generator,,hopefully,


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