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Dario Brisighella      Oak Creek, WI

“06” Hit and Miss  3/2/2006

Sooner or later after building an engine or two one must attempt to design and build an engine of one’s own ideas and designs. This is mine and I just refer to it as “06” . The overall size and layout was sort of predicated by the materials I had on hand when construction began (Jan. 22, 2006). All the machining and polishing was completed on Feb.25, 2006. Yes, its great to be retired.. As there is so much brass involved, I elected to polish everything rather that mess with paint, even though I still had to seal all that bright work.. The brass hopper was silver and soft soldered..

The general plans were drawn up before I started making chips and from there on it then turned into a “Work-in-Progress” sort of thing as work proceeded. The bore is 1.125”, stroke is 2.00” (had the rings).. The cast iron cylinder liner is removable and that made it and easy chore to hone. It is sealed from the water hopper with O-Rings and is totally exposed to the coolant on all sides.. The piston is aluminum and employs 2 rings. The 4.500” flywheels are made of 12L14 steel. The valves are stainless steel, the valve guides are naval bronze and the ignition system is Hall Effect(CDI),from MjN Fabrication and adjustable for advance or retard.

To loosen up the engine before actually attempting to start it the engine was turned over on the lathe for awhile. The small flywheels (only stock I had), make it a bit difficult to hand start the engine right now and a small pull-rope is used. This might be better after its run for awhile and I lower the compression a bit and tinker with the governor springs, as the engine is running at 650-700 RPM. I’d like to get it down around 450-500 RPM. For now, its just great to see it run at all and right now I have a small “Honey-Do”, project to get done first.... Yes, I will admit that I did have some doubts..

Dario has had the plans for this engine published in Model Engine Builders Magazine, May-June 2006 Issue.  Full drawings and a written description are in this one issue.  David

1/8/2006    As I stated in the text of my "Zero-Six" engine, due to the small size of the fly wheels I had to use a rope starter system... Well, as I now own a few full sized H/M Engines, I sort of copied the hand crank for my 1916 Faribanks Morris 1-1/2 Hp
Headless engine, and designed a small scale-like hand crank for the Zero-Six engine.  The Article will be published in a forth- comming MEB Magazine.  See the attached photo.  Simply, the crank pawl engauges the crankshaft keyway and retracts when the engine starts..  Much quicker than the rope method....


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