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Edson Trovů     Campo Limpo Paulista, S„o Paulo, Brazil      1/7/2006

Mastiff ,a 4 cylinder, 4 cycle, water cooled boxer engine

These IC engine parts are from an English project called Mastiff ,a 4 cylinder, 4 cycle, water cooled boxer engine and I'm building it very slowly.

The crank shaft, camshaft, the 3/4 in bore piston, piston rings and the cylinder liner are from the same project, but when I saw the Silver Bullet with that little radiator and it's fantastic appearance, I felt that this is my model dream.

I made a lot of experiments with ceramics to find a good one for spark plugs.

High alumina is the best for this purpose but it is very difficult to burn because the high temperature evolved and a very expensive kiln (2000 Celsius degrees).

Then, the solution I found, was to try with another kind of ceramic, (1200 Celsius degrees) and it becomes very good, with a good insulation and mechanical resistance. The kilns with this range of temperature are not expensive and can be found in any dental proteases shop. These spark plugs are central fire and it was tested in the work bench and it works very well, but not yet at an engine. The another part you saw, its a part of an Tig torch that I made in high alumina ceramic but it was burned in an University kiln. If you need something about these experiments, it will be a pleasure for me, to help the friends.




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