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Steve L. Bazin,     Napavine, WA      8/15/2005

Silver Eagle Engine   7/8 bore X 7/8 stroke,  Single cylinder horizontal 4 cycle water cooled hit or miss gas engine





Bob Shores Silver Eagle #189. Don't know when it will be done. Doe's not matter much when. It's the doing that counts. It is to be sure the most interesting, gratifying, relaxing, rewarding work I have ever done.  


Well I only get home 5 days a month, so it is slow going for me. However I have the time of my life out in, "The Shop", and so time stands still for me and I have gone out there at 5am and the day has passed, the night slipped away and the sun rising as I sweep the chips up and give it, and me a rest.  


Update to work in progress so folks will not think I gave up. Started 4 years ago and worked on the 4 to 5 days a month I'm home. Lots of errors but I thinks she gona run. Got the Carb, Exhaust and ignition to go and a few other things so I can see the light at the end of the bore,(tunnel).



Bought my first house about a year ago and have not touch the Eagle scene then. Was down to just the ignition,fuel and oil things. But I have a new 20x24 shop that is nearly done and hope to been in by winter and get back to work on it.


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