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John Pike     Marysville WA      4/24/2005

Little Angel,   1 Cylinder, 4 cycle, Hit and Miss, 1/2 bore X 1/2 stroke

I got the plans last week, and started the Angel,
I got the frame milled out and polished up, so I figured id send you a pic of it before it went to the normal aluminum tarnish,
almost looks like stainless steel hu,,,grin,

ill be replacing the bearing bolts with black allen bolts, and plan to mill the cap down a little, under each bolt, to give it some detail,
I buried 3 drill bitts on this baby, snapping them off,,,gr,,,, so I had to turn it around and re-drill the caps out, in the frame,
then I toasted a bitt milling out the drill-bitts out of the front of it,,,again,,grrrrr,,,,after a few choice words to the dog,
he decided we'd keep going and not starting over, so here it is,
I haven't replaced my lathe yet, so im going to see just how fat I can get with just my vertical mill,
maybe I can get the whole thing built I don't know, but im having fun figuring out all the setups.



I decided to take brass shim stock and place it between the frame and base,
then cut down the tank and build it up with some scrap brass,
the first one went flying out my garage door, this one stayed put and let me mill out the top, says a lot for setting up,,grin,
ive gotta quite polishing this thing or there wont be any metal left,






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