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David Kerzel,     Pompano Beach, Florida

Hit and Miss Number 1,  1 Cylinder, 4 cycle, 0.75 bore X 0.80 stroke

I started designing this engine on January 13, 2001.  It is based on several different designs in Strictly IC magazine, Bob Shores Little Angel, and several actual hit and miss engines I saw at Pioneer Days in 2001.  The design started with drawings for the main part of the engine and as those parts were made the smaller details added. 

I worked on it actively for several months, lost interest, and finished building in July 2002.  It took about 3 months to get it to run good.  Then there were  several months of testing parts and ideas that had been initially unsuccessful.  Now it runs great.  I have spent the two months painting, polishing, and preparing a set of drawings.

I learned a lot from this project. The engine is made of bar stock. The gears and springs are shop made.  Many discussions on the message board from late 2002 relate to this engine.  I want to thank al the members who have helped.  There is a "in progress" page for the HHM1, click here to go to it.

If you are interested in building one, write me.  The plans are unproven but complete and I will provide as much help as I can..


October 2009

Over the past few months I have had a large number of requests for plans so I have decided to post them here. 
The plans are for everyone's use at no charge.  The plans may not be sold, repackaged, or incorporated into other web pages or publications of any type.  They may be used for educational or non profit purposes.  If you have a question write.  I also expect the copyright and design information will be maintained as the drawings and documents are used.  A lot of time went into preparing these documents.

Feel fee to modify or change everything.  If you want to discuss the possibilities please write.

If you do decide to build , please consider send work in progress to the web site.  When it runs please post it in the gallery with a  video.

Drawing Set
Building Notes
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