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Chuck Kuhn,     Peoria, IL

I wanted to send three pictures of the quarter scale 5 hp Galloway that I am building from Richard Shelly's castings and drawings. 
Bore:             1.312 inches                          
Stroke:         2.530  inches
Flywheels:    7.625 inches diameter
Ignition:         Igniter   

One photo shows one of the flywheel machining operations.  The other photo shows a few of the machined parts slipped together and sitting on the subbase which has not been machined.  The third photo shows the block, cylinder liner, and engine base assembled.  Use what you feel will be of most interest.

I am also documenting some of the Galloway machining operations on my website at
Eventually I'll send pictures of my two completed engines.



3/8/2008  Here is an update to my quarter scale 5 bhp Galloway.  I finally finished up the fuel mixer and fuel piping.  The engine runs great.  I just need to add decals, finish the exhaust piping, and touch up a few cosmetic details for the trip to NAMES 2008.



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