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Dario Brisighella      Oak Creek, WI    2/17/2009

“Atmospheric Engine“, or “Flame- Licker”, from Jerry Howell’s plans

This is the latest offering out of my workshop, an “Atmospheric Engine“, or “Flame- Licker”, from Jerry Howell’s plans. The bore is 1” and the stroke is 1-3/8”. The flywheel is 4” in diameter. The interesting part of the engine is that the piston and the flame seat are made of graphite. This material is then self lubricating. The graphite is a bit messy for machining and it might be best to cover the lathe with a cloth to catch the shavings. It is easy to machine at a high speed and a very slow feed.... The only changes I made from the plans are the cooling fan and the openings in the flywheel.

Jerry plans detail both water and air cooled versions of the engine. The plans are well drawn and detailed. While Jerry does not describe all the various machining operations required, he does cover the basics. He also offers the required bearings and the graphite material, so one need not go searching for them. It was a fun project.... While it can be run on alcohol, Jerry suggests that Propane is a better fuel. The alcohol will cause some gumming-up, and will need to be cleaned up now and then...


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