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Denis Moindrault,     TAVERNY France

This is submission for my new 0.75 motors in homemade casting

first I'm make connecting rod :

 And now the crankcases for made 2strokes or 4strokes motor (same crankcase) :

Also it's the same crankcase for right or left, I'm think for 4stroke I will use syncro pulley and syncro belt for drive valves

Thanks Denis                                France near Paris


All inside crankcase metal machining are doing in one time

You can see a female edge on the left crankcase and a male edge on the right crankcase for good centre

For be sure than cylinder will be perpendicular with the crankshaft I made a special lathe's tool . A pin is inside the ball bearing

Crankcases ready


Yes I made myself aluminum-casting, I made my own propane furnace and pattern, you can see here : (in french sorry)


Connecting road finish with bearing

Crankshaft ready to be assemble the pin coming from moped hardened piston pin 

Crankshaft assembled

A friend off mine who working with a cnc lathe made for me cylinder parts  

For 2stroke moteur it will be necessary to drill it

Cylinder in 2parts assembled

Crankcases modify for 2srtoke  

Motor with 1/2 crankcase removed for see inside

inlet 2stroke valve



>  I am cast pistons whith old motorcycle pistons, I made a special machine for cast them I melt aluminium liquid in the meal mod and I press.

> Cylinder head in aluminium casting
> Last motor progress
> Also I draw motor in CAD
> > > And now the moteur is runing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>
> Denis


This is my new submission for the 0.75 homemade motor (always the same motor) :

I am made a hand puller :



Also I am made a centrifugal clutch with teflon parts :



I am made a homemade 1/7 Cox for run my homemade motors (all is homemade except : boby, weels, shok absorber, mufler)

And now i am working on a homemade carburetor, it will be finish in few days

Thanks   Denis




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