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Dale Detrich                     Attica, OH       

One Cylinder vertical with Overhead Cam,  1.0 bore X 1.0 stroke  6/27/2004

I am now working on a "new" engine,  a scratch design single vertical.....The engine  is an aluminum , 1" X 1"  bore and stroke and  that it is going to be a timing belt driven over head camshaft, with cooling fan, and adjustable compression ratio ( after the engine is built)...
I  have a few things to finish working out , still things are going well at this time.......The engine should be simple to build, and is sized to be a working engine if you want it to be......It is a size #8 engine for the people with size #10 fingers.........

The engine is a 1.000" bore X 1.000 " stroke , with a .375 "shaft, block OD is 3.000", Block length is 3.000" ,cooling fins  OD is 2.750", and height to the top of the biggest pulley is 8.750".....Flywheel OD is 3.000 X 1.500 long, which includes the starting rope pulley.....I have one picture with a 6" scale along the side of the engine and I will send it to you in a following email.........The squish area of the engine can be adjusted from .437" down to about .045", after the engine is finished.



   MJN hall effect pick up

  overhead cam rack

  Adjustable timing belt hub

  Timing belt take up idler

  Line up of timing belt pulleys

  Line up of timing belt pulleys

  Timing belt set up in the high compression end of adjustment range

4/6/2005   A few follow up pictures of the vert. single 1" x 1" engine......It is just about ready for start up



  View of OHV set up.....Should be in start up soon

4/14/2005  I started up the single about three day ago......Had a excellent start up, only needed to set the carb and adjust timing....Had a few oil leaks, which are now cleaned up.....The engine runs from a nice idle up to a good high speed....It is fast to take the throttle........I will send a few final pictures later.......


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