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Arthur Nurick,             Australia               1/20/2011

Here are a couple of pics of an engine modified from your 5 cylinder tube design .I made the piston sleeves from 8 mm. ex photocopier shafting bored out to take brass yokes for the gudgeon pins. I brought the air feed into the side of the cylinder heads and reduced the con rod length to 20mm which gave a bit of trouble with clearance at the cylinder skirt. 

on assembly it started and ran even without the flywheel, but an injudicious burst of air resulted in the crank pin coming out of its disk and there is no way I can get at it for repair unless I cut the 5 air pipes and cobble them up with plastic tubing. Thank you for an intersting design especially the crankshaft valve. I am a retired surgeon in my 90th Year and I believe that undertaking this type of project and sorting out my constructional bungles, stop me from deteriorating faster than I might otherwise do.

January 23 2011

I live in Western Australia, In the bottom left hand corner, My house overlooks King George,s Sound a beautiful natural harbour near the town of Albany. Since the death of my wife,15 years ago , I have managed on my own and have built up a useful workshop of previously owned but not always previously loved machinery.

 I have an Emco (German ) Maximat 51/2 " centre height lathe which I have fitted with a home made Headstock dividing system and have added stepper motor drives to the cross slide and the topslide . The leadscrew is also driven independently at the tailstock end by a toothed belt and a car windscreen motor which can be engaged by a simple dog clutch. This, together with variable headstock spindle speed via an inverter, enables me to fine tune turning operations while the lathe is running. A home made milling head on the cross slide and another 12 volt motor drive via the headstock dividing system , enable me to cut circular slots.

 My other machine is an elderly Taiwanese Milldrill to which I have added a simple power feed to the X axis, a 12 volt windscreen washer motor with variable speed drives a pulley on the left hand end of the leadscrew by a plastic belt which is activated by a simple tensioning device . The movable stops on the slide ensure that when the cutter reaches the end of its required path, the drive belt just slips and the motor can be turned off and disengaged.

 A Quorn tool and cutter I built some years ago , a Filing machine I built recently to Harold Hall,s design in "Model Engineers Workshop " and a home made quick change tool post with many tool holders complete the main inventory.

All these things help to keep me to keep functioning in my dotage.

 Regards Arthur.



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