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Bo Englund,          Beijing, China        10/5/2008

No.4  ”Annie”

This engine is made to run on compressed air. It starts easy with 10 PSI but runs as low as 5 PSI. Body, cylinder and piston are made of brass. The stand, crank wheel and flywheel are made from aluminum. The air inlet is made from stainless steel tube. I have got some guide lines to do this engine from the internet, but most things are adapted to the material I have at home. I also did a hub in brass to cover the (ugly) spring. I still have some polishing work to do, but I’m in no hurry as the engine is ready and running nicely.

Total height: 86 mm (all included). Made from 12 x 12 mm brass rod material.

Cylinder length: 52 mm

Piston: Diameter 6 mm

Crank wheel: Diameter: 18 mm

Flywheel: Diameter 18mm X 25 mm

Stand: Diameter 45 mm height 14,5 mm


I have no drawings as I make most things from “the top of my head” but if you have any questions I will help you. My e- mail is

DSC_0410.JPG DSC_0411.JPG

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