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Charlie Radford,     Lansing, KS          12/3/2006

Mini V1,  Vertical CO2 type compressed air engine 

Here is an example of a Mini V1 motor that I built. This one is twice the size of the original.

It runs erratically so far. I made the flywheel from a piece of 1.25" steel rod and it really should be heavier. With 60 psi it will run for 30 seconds or so, but eventually stop. Perhaps with more running time it will improve.

I made the piston from delrin plastic and there is quite a bit of air leakage past the piston. I may try making another piston from cast iron and lapping it to the cylinder. The cylinder head is held with brass studs threaded 3-48 on each end. I built the engine twice the size of the drawings to make the machineing a bit easier.

My next project will likely be a mini V2.



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