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Steve Peirce,     Uniontown, OH          5/10/2006

 This is, or will be,  an 1883 "Dolbeer" Single Vertical Spool Steam Donkey engine. So far I have the Gypsy spool and frame, Fairlead, gearing and flywheel completed.

  On the crown gears I wish now I had taken pictures. They are cut at 45 degrees on a 45 degree face. The math is a head ache for the small gear so I just cut it up from a point to much larger diameter then I needed and found the right pitch diameter and cut it down to what worked. Calculating the exact pitch might have been tough at such a small size. Grinding the cutter was tricky as well, but at such small size the pressure angles are less effective anyway, so I used a gear close in pitch and size and used it as a template to grind the cutter from a  1/16" drill bit. This was my firs shot at a crown gear and so far it looks to working quit well.


This was a bit more challenging then my other flywheel projects, a bit, but not at all as hard as I thought it might be. The flywheel on the Dolbeer engine is unique in that it was originally a cast iron curved spoke flywheel. 

The challenge was to fabricate the curve spokes.  I made the flywheel in the usual way, I make them anyway, from individual spokes, inner rim, hub and a final outer rim. The spokes are made from .093 brass rod. I wound the .093 brass rod around a 1/2" bar like a spring. Then cut the coils into thirds.


  Steve Peirce
Uniontown, Ohio


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