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Mike Perron,     Coral Springs, Fl.,


This is a rotary valve engine with exhaust through rear of crankshaft.
It has a .500 bore X .500 stroke, brass tubing used as cylinder liners.


I got the idea from two engines, the Double Scotch twin, and single cylinder Scotch engine plans.
Pistons are aluminum, with Buna-N, O-Rings for piston rings. Piston rod is 3/16" stainless Crank is mix of 1/4" stainless steel shaft supported in bronze bearing, .150 thick steel disk with 1/8" I.D. X 3/8" O.D. ball bearing driving aluminum yoke. Cylinder heads are also aluminum.1 1/2" steel flywheel.
It was fun to build and runs great. Might put in model boat someday.  That's why the mounting is as such.


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