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Tom Phillips,     Broken Arrow, OK                 8/25/2005

I have designed and built my first 90 Degree Stirling Cycle engine and test ran it today successfully. This engine was a while in design and even longer to make. Most of the work was done by hand and a drill press but the hot section had to have lathe & mill work to finish.

The 90 Degree Stirling measurements are 10" long - 8" high - 6" wide. All axle, crankshaft and rod bearings are ball shielded bearings. The displacer bearing is bronze oilite and all shafts are stainless steel. The power piston is Pyrex and carbon shielded in an aluminum housing. Brass linkages are used for the displacer and power piston. I used a split counter balanced crank that I designed and a stainless steel rod journal with ball bearings. 

The power piston never gets hot and the cool side of the displacer stays cool enough to touch.



This has become a hobby for me so I bought a combination lathe and mill from Grizzly. I hope to make several projects in the future and will send pictures.



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