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Tom Phillips,     Broken Arrow, OK                 4/28/2005

LTD Stirling engines

I have finished my first attempt at making LTD Stirling engines and they are both a success. Both run from heat or cold in the normal ways.



As a starting point for the LTD Stirling was Jerry Howell's hard to find kits (HTF kits) for the Miser LTD that can be obtained at his website - The very good kits have many of the parts that can not be found at most local locations.

A full description of the kits are on the website. It is with his permission that I am sending these pictures.

I have done all of the work without a mill or lathe only a drill press and table. I am not a mechanist but I am thinking about learning more about it. I am retired from American Airlines as a shop mechanic and have been a mechanic all of my life so I have a mechanics curiosity of anything mechanical. The High temperature Stirling that I bought last year after attending a old engine show in Kansas started my interest in Stirling and the Stirling cycle principal. The interest in the LTD just naturally followed.

The large 6" D. LTD was my first attempt and the 3" D. LTD second. After about a month of research and acquiring parts, they took just over a week each to make. It was a joy just to see the ideas come into working models.



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