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Mike Walters,          London Ontario, Canada    

Half size Miser ( Plans from Jerry Howell )
This is a half size Miser LTD engine that I built over the christmas holidays ( bought the plans last year ). This engine runs on a very small temperature difference for hours at a time, I made a small mount for the windshield defrost in my car and it runs from just the heat on my dash !!
I intend to put a clear displacer ring around the bottom in time to add to the detail seeing the displacer going up and down but havent found a suitable plexy ring. Also I still have to center  the piston connecting rod with the crank disk and piston. 
It will run on the heat of your hand but I have yet to sit down and finish setting it up properly for that. At initial set up  it would run for about an hour on just a warm glass of water from the tap.
The half size version of this engine is a rewarding project as a couple of the parts are crazy small , I have put my new watch beside the engine for a size perspective.
As usual I would recomend anyone to build this engine. I have built several of Jerry Howells engines and the plans are very high quality. The end result of the Miser is a very nice little LTD engine that will run for days on anything warm to the touch.
Should anyone like to see a short video of this engine running on my heater please feel free to mail me.


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