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Steve L. Bazin,     Napavine, WA

This little steam engine I'm afraid I've not kept track of the details of it's dimensions and I'm not home,(Washington State), to measure it. Just left Tampa ,FL. Brought a load of beer down from St. Louis. It is more of an exercise in mill and lathe operations than anything else. As everything I'm doing is new to me other than using measuring tools I used as a Army helicopter crewchief. The stroke is about .500 inch and the bore will be the same and it will be single action. The one picture is of the one piece crank and flywheel that started of as a broken cast iron body hammer head and everything else so far has been fitted to it having the luxury of doing that when making your own design. It has split bronze bearings that I need to make again knowing now the correct way to make them with out the void from cutting them in two. The hardware holding the main caps down was the most time consuming so far but was more fun then driving to the hardware store and back home in 45 minutes as apposed to 15 hours of turning, treading, parting and indexing them on the mill. Not to mention scraping more than a few of them. They are 2.2 mm. The larger fly wheel is 2" diameter stress proof steel sliced off on my el-cheap-O metal band saw,(better than blisters and a hacksaw). There is a cam lobe fitted between it and the block.The oil cups are the last things that I made before leaving home. It was my first try at a 10 deg. taper. The cups are threaded 2.5mm and extend into the upper bearings to keep them in place. The threads are drilled through at 1.10mm having broke the 1.05 bit.  So if it ever gets to a point where it will run on something less than 60psi I will buy a PM Research vertical boiler and try my hand at boiler making and mount it all on oak and promptly give it away to a good friend that has given me a lot of his old machinist tools that he used as a Boeing machinist. So I'm just learning and making it as I go along and hopefully it will help me do a better job on Bobs Eagle.




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