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Dario Brisighella      Oak Creek, WI

CO2-V2-Squared,           Vertical CO2 type 2 cylinder V compressed air engine  1/24/2004

Never having build any sort of V-Type Engine after seeing David Kerzel's small CO-2 Engine plans. It was fascinating. As my ole eyes aren't what they used to be, I elected to make the engine twice sized. Now this one can be called "Kerzel's CO-2 Engine Squared".
While David shows steel cylinders, I elected to employ aluminum instead. As no combustion is involved, I could substitute Teflon for the pistons. This also allowed for a good tight sliding fit without all the lapping and polishing etc.. Besides, I would sooner polish the outsides, its easier! The engine runs quite well on 20psi air pressure, and there is a nice beat or sound to it. While it is not going to power anything, it will look nice on my Grandson's bedroom shelf, might even inspire him later on to do some machining himself, he is nine now.....

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