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David Kerzel,     Pompano Beach, Florida

Vertical CO2 type 2 cylinder V compressed air engine  First posted 9/21/2003

This engine was started after I had built my first vertical CO2 engine.  I wanted a 2 cylinder V and more style and detail.
I did not like the long cylinder on the first engine or the look of the long tie bolts holding on the head.  I wanted more real engine details.  The cylinders needed to be shorter and fatter, details like spark plugs, carburetor, and exhaust were needed.  Better materials were also needed for this second engine.

  The spark plugs were difficult to paint and do not actually add much to the engine.


The free plans, drawings and in progress pictures can be found by clicking here.




    Exhaust pipes were an exercise in tube bending and do add something.



 A length of 1/8 fuel line fits over the inlet of the carburetor to supply compressed air.  The design needs to be improved because even a slight tap causes it to pop off.  Next time a sharp barb on the horn will make it work better.  The throttle can change the speed some but it is mostly on or off.

  The engine has a different sound and runs good at about 35 PSI.



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