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Mike Walters,     London Ontario

Mini V1 Vertical CO2 type compressed air engine  First posted 9/13/2003

I have got a start on the Mini V and it is a very fun little engine to build.


I decided to go with the two piece crank case cylinder to get the nice contrast between the aluminum and brass as well I made a one piece crank shaft and bushing .


I look forward to finishing it this weekend or next so I will keep ya posted.


The engine is well designed and has been fun to make to this point , It has a one piece brass crank shaft and main bearing simply because it was a little easier for me to make that way.


I intend to put a prop on it and cut the grooves in the cylinder a little deeper just to be different.


I would recommend that anyone wanting to try a small engine project give it a try.


Here is my progress to this point hope to be done next week.


I am going to run the intake for the air through brass crank case back and straight out the back into a hole in a custom mount I am finishing up now to hide the air lines etc.


Very cool engine runs very fast and uses a very high pressure ( 40 pounds starts it runs nice on 35 ) I decided to play around with the exhaust sizes a little and drilled just two holes in the cylinder.This produces a rather loud  intermittent pop from the exhaust and it sounds like a 4 cycle gas engine.


This is the mount I built for mine to eliminate the need for screws in the head.

The plans can be found by clicking here. 


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