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Brian Konsela                     Manitowoc, WI       

Elbow Engine

Here's the latest that I have been working on. I first saw an elbow engine at NAMES 2003 and I thought that it was cool. Well after NAMES 2005 I got the plans and am making it so that I have one also. There's only 2 more parts to make before I polish it nd it's done.
  The worst part to make was the elbows. It took me about 6 times each bendine them before I got the 90 degrees. First I bent them too much and then I bent them again to find out that they weren't far enough. After about 6 times each I am happy with them. The rest of it was a breeze


Here's the latest on the Elbow engine. I made a bit of an error on my base . I forgot to compensate the .100 for the edge finder and my elbow pistons are .100 too long on both sides. They bottom out and it doesn't move very far at the present time. I have to grind some off of each end and then It will be good. The base is almost done and it was easy to make.


5/17/2005  Here's the Elbow engine complete. It works good and it's fun to watch when it works.


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