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Steve Huck,          Sterling Heights, MI             12/1/2011

Little Demon V8  Blower

    The Little Demon is a 8 cylinder, 4 stroke engine with a bore and stroke of 5/8 for 1.5 Cubic inches. It has a splash oil system and is water cooled. It has a flat tappet, solid lift camshaft with roller tip rockers.

The last submission I sent was the completed "Little Demon" project. I was also working on the supercharger conversion. In my case I will just build another engine.

The conversion starts with a new intake manifold with an adapter plate to bolt down the blower.

The blower started out as a machined piece but later I cast a new housing.

The rotors were cut on the CNC machine because of the complex shapes and then later benched in to have zero contact with each other.

Once I was happy with the clearance I made a new gear case and drive snout.

I have the air scoop about 95% done.

The linkage could have been mad simpler but I wanted it to be exactly like my Chevy was.

After 3 tries I finally got a good crankshaft.

Thats about as far as I got when the pacifier project came up so I will revisit this when I complete the Shores engine.



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