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Arnaud MUCHERIE,     Nantes, France       3/5/2011


I build this Hoglet in 2010. It took me 6 month to have the first run.

I wanted an simple engine, with a nice look, so I decided to modify the original opened crankcase of this engine to a closed on who come from aluminium casting (AS12UN) . We build two of these engine with a friend, but the other Hoglet have to be finished.
The gears are machined with a fly cutter on a SIEG X1, connecting rod and the crankcase's mold come from my home-made X1 CNC,

We can found plans at MODEL ENGINE BUIDLER,
drew by Randall COX
two cylinders in V (42)
bore: 23.8mm
strok: 24mm
carburator: OS
spark plug: NGK CM6
ignition: DL
Max RPM: 1850
min RPM: 1100
Now this engine run well ,it burn a blend of Methanol and nitro (10%max) and this is a spark plug ignition for best results.
The video of the machining, setting and first running:
for more details:
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