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Bob Pickering,     Columbus Ohio       12/27/2008


The engine is called the Hoglet that was designed by Randy Cox this engine was in Model Engine Builder Mag. Vol 10# and 11# It has a 1" Bore and 1-1/2" Stroke. I have the engine running on Glow fuel now but will be changing it over to Spark Ing later. Made a few changes from the plans the cam that was called for had three lobe version i made mine with four lobe version. I have to make a fuel tank and am making a different set of exhaust  pipes yet. This engine was a lot of fun for me and was a very good building project and gave me a much better understanding of this type engine.

Hoglet v-twin engine that you have in the work in progress section now it is completed now these are the finished pictures.




  VIDEO 1 (Windows media file)


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