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Bob Pickering,     Columbus Ohio       2/12/2007

Bob Shores Hercules engine,  2 cylinder 4 stroke Liquid Cooled,  .625 bore .625 stroke


I built Bob Shores Hercules engine 5/8" Bore 5/8" Stroke about .38 cubic inches   It was first run sometime in December last year but just now completed the water system. I run it on glow fuel it starts and performs very well. I would like to thank Mike Walters and Ron Colonna for there help Bob Pickering

  VIDEO (Windows media file). 


2/12/2007  I am now working on it is Bob Shores Hercules engine have been working on it for about one and half years have been getting help from Ron colonna and Mike Walters. Getting closer hope to get it running on glow fuel by this spring.



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