Mike Walters,     London Ontario   mikewal@sympatico.ca        3/14/2006

Bob Shores Hercules engine,  2 cylinder 4 stroke Liquid Cooled,  .625 bore .625 stroke

     Video of the Engine in action.

This is a Bob Shores Hercules model engine that I purchased from Bob just before he passed away. I am glad to have been able to discuss the engine with him before his passing.

 This engines construction was started when I was 27 and I travelled between my basement shop and my own full size machine shop an hour away to build it. Between work etc it has taken me almost 2 years to the day to get to this point.

 I am happy with the overall outcome of this engine and consider it my nicest one to date (Iím now 29 so I have some years of building to better it yet)

 Unfortunately some of the nicest / most interesting parts are all locked up inside so I made a few doubles (crank and cam shafts pistons connecting rod and split bearings) to show people who see it run.

I decided to change some things to make mine different than the ones I have looked at online to this point. I omitted the rad fins to allow more of the front of the engine to be seen during operation (I know itís less efficient but the rad still functions perfectly in this application)

I also did not use the gear cover or bell housing as I like to see as many parts whirling around as possible on any engine I build.

 The pictures donít really do the polishing justice as you can see your face in just about every part accept the fuel tank which I decided to leave brushed for a contrast in the brass (my hands still ache). Autosol is the only way to go when you want to see your face in your work and the metal doesnít tarnish after polishing.

The ignition is a Jerry Howell Tim6 and works flawlessly (as usual) with a 2 spark coil. I may change this in time to double Tim6 ignitions to save my battery.  12 volt dual sparks draw allot of juice from a 6volt battery.

Every bearing part is lapped to fit and I recommend this method to everyone with any engine as it gives great results.

Lastly the exhaust is a simple inline style inspired by Orange County Choppers style chopper pipes they sound very cool and were made from stainless brake line.

The overall design of this engine is good and well proven by many builders to this point. I recommend this build to any novice builder who has some patience.

Please feel free to contact me via email with any questions you may have.


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