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Steve Huck,          Sterling Heights, MI             12/1/2011

Little Demon V8 

    The Little Demon is a 8 cylinder, 4 stroke engine with a bore and stroke of 5/8 for 1.5 Cubic inches. It has a splash oil system and is water cooled. It has a flat tappet, solid lift camshaft with roller tip rockers.

     After building the Peewee V4 I wanted to take it up a notch. I have always had as one of my goals to build a V8. I borrowed the general dimensions from the Peewee. The bore and stroke, and block profile. From there it had to be changed to accommodate the modern style heads. Bore spacing was also changed to accommodate all the intake and exhaust passages.





These 2 fixtures are used to make the radiator. 


The holes are drilled into all the fins and end plates.



Then the other fixture holds everything for soldering.





The tanks are soldered on

























The crankshaft was beefed up with 1/4 inch rods and 3/8 mains.












12L14 was used for the liners



The heads have a compression ratio of 5.5:1. They have 1/4 inch valves with cages. The sparkplugs are #8-40







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