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Steve Huck,          Sterling Heights, MI             2/7/2010

Straight 8overhead cam engine with a .850 bore and a 1.062 stroke

This work in progress will be a straight 8, overhead cam engine with a .850 bore and a 1.062 stroke. The bores are 1 inch on center. When complete it will stand 7.5 inches tall, 10.5 inches long, and 4.5 inches wide not counting the mounting system.

It was inspired by the 32 Bugatti 50T engine but will have features from other Bugatti engines. Basically if it is a Bugatti feature that I like, I'm putting it on. It will be roughly 1/4 scale. The drawings were made about 3 years ago and alot of the parts were made then. I stopped building when my friend and fellow Bugatti nut Pierre Ollier passed away. I plan to finish the build and improve the design along the way.


I started by resurfacing the crankcase section. Then after a disaster in the shop, a new cylinder section had to be made. It is an exact copy of the original with the addition of water jackets and passages.


The head was also modified with water passages. It is configured so the water has to flow into the head, across to the other side and then out the top.

 I also made the inspection plates. One will have the fitting in it to hook up the cooling lines.



The cylinder liners are now installed and some pistons are fitted.








Made the rings using the George Trimble method outlined in SIC. It is the first time trying it so cant tell yet how well they will work. They were made to the prescribed width but I went a bit thicker because the thinnest grooving tool I have is .020. They are about half the thickness that most builders make there rings. Not sure why but I suspect the fear of the rings getting fragile has something to do with it. For that reason I made 2 complete sets.





 I installed the pistons into the bores. The head was installed. The crankshaft was drilled and pinned for strength.




I also had a chance to play around with an abrasive bit and dress things up a bit. It may not run but it's going to look cool!









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